We are very happy that just now our first digital children’s book „Momodoch“ was published. This exraordinary book for children as well as for grown ups was first published in 1982. Stephanie Fehr discovered it again. In her publishing house „Goloseo“ she publicates the animated book in three volumes. Empatheticly and very humorously Caroline Ebner reads the text and also set it imaginatively with music together with Rüdiger Fleck. The enchanting animation is by Inga Liebgott. You can buy it already for € 6.99 in the iTunes store.

Works of Uschi Bagnall: She has been fascinated by stones since ever and she is one of those, who are walking along a beach with tilted head, looking for interesting stones. In the meantime friends from allover the world send stones to her as a gift. By arranging these pebbles among themselves, patterns arise from veins and lines, which can endlessly compose new forms. As she took photos of the stones she felt the urge to play. Originally she just intended to reinforce the existing colours by graphic processing, but as alteration of contrast and saturation generated new, totally different colours, she just had to keep it. Printed on a canvas it stimulated to further painting.
Our new book, with the title „Gestern ist Übermorgen“, has still to wait unfortunately. Uschi Bagnall’s curious, sometimes even ambiguous short stories are supported by the subtle paintings and drawings of Brian Bagnall. A new example you find here.